Crede Peanut Butter Smooth


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Peanut butter is a great energy-rich product, but we noticed that all the peanut butters here in South Africa are either ‘healthy’ but bland in taste, or quite unhealthy and loaded with sugar, salt and hydrogenated fats. We wanted to fill the gap in the market and create a peanut butter that is both good for people AND delicious. Our goal was to produce a healthy peanut butter that people actually enjoyed eating not just for its health benefits.

We looked at conventional peanut butter and took out all the ‘bad’ ingredients and put in simple, healthy ingredients. oh mega peanut butter has no hydrogenated fat, no added salt and comes in smooth and crunchy.

We use local peanuts and add in flaxseed oil, a rich natural source of omega-3 essential fatty acid, which is an essential nutrient the body needs to function but increasingly lacking in modern day cooking/diets and processed foods. Our peanut butter is a lot smoother/creamier because of the added flaxseed oil. And to cut the blandness, we add just a touch of local eucalyptus honey, which is both healthy and tasty.

It’s a product that’s perfect for all kinds of taste buds; for those who want something healthy instead of artificial, for kids who don’t like just the taste of raw peanuts, for peanut butter fanatics who eat it by the spoonful.