Kuro-Bo Charcoal Filters


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More and more South Africans are welcoming this special activated charcoal water filter into their health and eco-conscious homes. KURO-Bo (meaning “Black Stick” in Japanese) is the first and only 100% plastic-free, scientifically-proven, natural and biodegradable water filter in Africa. Mother nature’s ultimate miracle water filter! Activated charcoal, or Binchotan, has been used for centuries in Japanese culture to purify, mineralise and pH-balance water. Usable in any jug, jar or fridge water dispenser you already, the charcoal attracts positively-charged toxins and heavy metals, and draws them out of the water, while depositing beneficial minerals into the water. Activated charcoal also balances the pH of acidic water. A single stick of KURO-Bo charcoal can give you 3+ months of cleaner, healthier, better-tasting water with zero waste!